The Dentist's Guide to a Basic Teeth Cleaning

Posted by Old Town Dentistry Mar 06, 2023

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A teeth cleaning is a routine dental procedure that includes the removal of plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth. Plaque and tartar are bacteria that accumulate on the teeth and can lead to cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and other health problems. A teeth cleaning is a crucial part of preventative dental care and helps keep your teeth healthy and strong.

What is Dental Cleaning?

A basic teeth cleaning is a routine appointment that your dental hygienist will perform to keep your pearly whites in good health! This brief appointment usually involves scaling and polishing, in which your dentist will remove plaque from your teeth and smooth over the surfaces of your teeth to prevent bacteria and plaque buildup. They’ll also floss between all of your teeth to remove any food particles or bacteria that have built up in between them. They may also take X-rays of your teeth to look for signs of decay or other problems so they can catch and treat any problems early on. These appointments are usually recommended at least once a year to maintain good oral health!

If you’ve recently undergone some sort of procedure that may have caused your gums to be inflamed or irritated, such as dental implant surgery, then your dentist may recommend more frequent visits for the first few days following treatment in order to keep your mouth clean and prevent infection. Plus, if you have other risk factors for gum disease, your doctor may suggest having your teeth cleaned more often. Talk to your dentist about what’s right for you!

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Cleaning?

Removing plaque and tartar from your teeth is important, not just because it improves the aesthetics of your smile but because it’s necessary to prevent periodontal disease. When you don’t remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, the buildup can eventually lead to gum disease. Once gum disease occurs, it can lead to tooth loss and other serious health conditions.

Without regular teeth cleanings, you run the risk of developing cavities that require fillings or even root canals. You may also develop gingivitis, which is the first stage of gum disease. If you allow gingivitis to continue untreated, it can develop into periodontitis, which can cause your gums to pull away from your teeth and create pockets around them. These pockets can then become infected and cause major health issues like heart disease and stroke. Regular teeth cleanings are the best way to prevent such situations from occurring.

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